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Arizona State Information

The Mechanical Insulators Labor Management Cooperative Trust (LMCT) is looking to aid in information available to elected officials, Insulators Union Locals and members, contractors and the general public in Arizona.

Some of the information on this page may be outdated with the coronavirus global pandemic. Please contact any member of the Mechanical Insulators LMCT with any questions.

On this page, you will find information related to state specific legislation that deals with mechanical insulation and labor, Political Action Committee (PAC) guidelines and information for the state’s federally elected officials.

Arizona’s state capitol resides in Phoenix. The legislative body consists of the senate and the house of representatives. There are 30 senators and 60 house members. Members serve two year terms. Elections are held every two years and are held in even numbered years. The members are limited to eight consecutive years but unlike other states that have term limits you can run again after sitting out for two years or run for the chamber in which you have not served.

The legislature meets annually beginning the second Monday in January and lasts 100 days but can be extended for another 100 days.

Republicans control both chambers. You must be at least 25 years of age to run for either chamber when you take office. You must be a resident of the state for three years prior to filing for office and a resident of the county in which you are running for at least one year.

For further information on the Arizona State Legislature or to find your state elected officials, click here.

Bill Information

The following bills are active in the current Legislative Session and pertain to the Mechanical Insulation industry.

AZ S 1551


‍Energy and Water

Status: Pending - House Natural Resources, Energy and Water Committee

‍Date of Last Action:* 2/19/2020

‍Author: Brophy McGee (R)

Additional Authors: Carter (R); Bowie (D)

‍Topics: Energy Efficiency, Financing Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Utility Regulation

‍Summary: Relates to energy, relates to water, relates to savings accounts.

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AZ S 2290


Renewable Energy Production

Status: Pending - HOUSE

‍Date of Last Action:* 1/15/2020

‍Author: Dunn (R)

Additional Authors: Cobb (R)

‍Topics: Financing Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Renewable Energy

‍Summary: Relates to renewable energy production, relates to tax credits.

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AZ H 2771


‍Qualified Facility Income Tax Credits

Status: Enacted - Act No. 7

‍Date of Last Action:* 03/13/2020 - Enacted

‍Author: Toma (R)

‍Topics: Financing Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Renewable Energy

‍Summary: Relates to qualified facility income tax credits, changes certain qualification requirements.

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AZ H 2841


Municipal Zoning

Status: Pending - House Third Reading

‍Date of Last Action:* 3/12/2020

‍Author: Kern (R)

‍Topics: Energy Efficiency, Energy Efficiency - Building Codes and Standards

‍Summary: Relates to municipal zoning, relates to housing overlay.

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AZ S 1663


State Permitting Dashboard

Status: Pending - House Appropriations Committee

‍Date of Last Action:* 3/5/2020

‍Author: Gowan (R)

Additional Authors: Fann (R); Griffin (R); Borrelli (R); Thorpe (R); Farnsworth D (R); Campbell (R); Finchem (R); Kern (R); Lawrence (R); Rivero (R); Weninger (R); Nutt (R); Toma (R); Biasiucci (R); Blackman (R); Leach (R)

‍Topics: Renewable Energy

‍Summary: Requires the State Permitting Director to establish and maintain an online database to be known as the Permitting Dashboard that displays the progress to completion for state authorizations for participating projects, provides that the Permitting Dashboard must include a visual interface that tracks the status of each authorization required for participating projects.

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AZ S 1338


Public Facilities

Status: Pending - Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee

‍Date of Last Action:* 1/27/2020

‍Author: Mendez (D)

Additional Authors: Alston (D); Dalessandro (D); Steele (D); Salman (D)

‍Topics: Energy Efficiency, Energy Efficiency - Building Codes and Standards, Financing Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

‍Summary: Relates to public facilities, relates to environmental policies.

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AZ S 1268


Labor Organizations; Fiduciary Guidelines; Disclosure

Status: Pending - House Rules Committee

‍Date of Last Action:* 2/24/2021

‍Author: Warren Peterson (R)

‍Topics: Labor Organizations

‍Summary: The bill would establish onerous reporting requirement on unions and weaken unions’ ability to negotiate by allowing anyone in the bargaining unit to negotiate for benefits independently.

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Federal Elected Officials

House Representatives & Senators

House of Representatives

1st District:

(Since 2017)

Tom O'Halleran (D)

2nd District:

(Since 2019)

Ann Kirkpatrick (D)

3rd District:

(Since 2003)

Raúl Grijalva (D)

4th District:

(Since 2011)

Paul Gosar (R)

5th District:

(Since 2017)

Andy Biggs (R)

6th District:

(Since 2011)

David Schweikert (R)

7th District:

(Since 2015)

Ruben Gallego (D)

8th District:

(Since 2018)

Debbie Lesko (R)

9th District:

(Since 2019)

Greg Stanton (D)


Mark Kelly (D)

(Since 2020)

PAC Guidelines

Political Action Committee Campaign Finance Compliance Guidelines for Arizona. Please contact the LMCT with specific fund and contribution limit questions.

Political Action Committee Campaign Finance Compliance Guidelines for Arizona

Resident Agent Requirement? No. Federal PACs are not subject to Arizona’s Fair Campaign Practices Act. According to a phone call with Election Services Division Campaign Finance Supervisor Teresa Jones at (602) 364-3218.

Local Bank Requirement? No. A.R.S. § 16-907.

What type of funds are allowed? Voluntary. A.R.S. § 16-1022.

Registration and reporting requirements for Federal and Out-of-State PACs:

  • Federal and out-of-state PACs may not make contributions to candidates unless also registered in Arizona.
  • FEC reports may not be filed in lieu of state reports.Contribution limits:
  • Contribution limits increase each year. A.R.S. § 16-931.
  • As of 2017-2018:


Regular PAC

Statewide Official: $5,100

Legislative Official: $5,100

Local Candidate: $6,350

PAC: Unlimited

Political Party: Unlimited

Mega PAC

Statewide Official: $10,200

Legislative Official: $10,200

Local Candidate: $12,700

PAC: Unlimited

Political Party: Unlimited


Statewide Official: Prohibited

Legislative Official: Prohibited

Local Candidate: Prohibited

PAC: Unlimited

Political Party: Unlimited