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Montana State Information

The Mechanical Insulators Labor Management Cooperative Trust (LMCT) is looking to aid in information available to elected officials, Insulators Union Locals and members, contractors and the general public in Montana.

Some of the information on this page may be outdated with the coronavirus global pandemic. Please contact any member of the Mechanical Insulators LMCT with any questions.

On this page, you will find information related to state specific legislation that deals with mechanical insulation and labor, Political Action Committee (PAC) guidelines and information for the state’s federally elected officials.

Montana’s state capitol resides in Helena.

The Montana Legislature has two chambers, the Senate and the House of Representatives. There are fifty Senators and 100 Representatives. Senators serve for a term of four years these terms are staggered. Representatives are elected to two year terms. There are term limits in Montana. Eight years in either chamber. The regular session runs for 90 working days beginning at noon on the first Monday in January of odd numbered years. If New Year’s Day falls on that Monday session begins on the following Wednesday. The Governor may call special session or the legislature can vote to do so as well. In the thirty times that a special has been called it was by the Governor. The Legislature has never successfully petitioned for a special session. To qualify to run for either chamber you must be a citizen of the US, a resident of the state for one year prior to the election, 18 years of age and be a resident of the county in which you are running or idf the district covers more than one county you must be a resident of the district.

The Republicans control both chambers.

For further information on the Montana State Legislature or to find your state elected officials, click here.

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There are currently no bills that are active in the current Legislative Session and pertain to the Mechanical Insulation industry.

There are many instances where Mechanical Insulation, Firestopping and other construction issues are prevalent and relevant to our industry in legislation that is not at the state level. 

Campaigning for work in educational facilities, industrial plants, manufacturing facilities, medical facilities and office/residential facilities often position our industry to be successful. 

If you know of any upcoming legislation or efforts being campaigned for this state, please contact the LMCT.

When a bill is introduced for the state-wide efforts, we will update this section.

Federal Elected Officials

House Representatives & Senators

House of Representatives

At Large District:

(Since 2021)

Matthew Rosendale (R)


Steve Daines (R)

(Since 2015)

Jon Tester (D)

(Since 2007)

PAC Guidelines

Political Action Committee Campaign Finance Compliance Guidelines for Montana. Please contact the LMCT with specific fund and contribution limit questions.

Political Action Committee Campaign Finance Compliance Guidelines for Montana

Resident Agent Requirement?Yes, in order to register.

Local Bank Requirement?Must be authorized to conduct business in Montana.

What type of funds are allowed? Voluntary. 

Registration and reporting requirements for Federal and Out-of-State PACs:

  • Federal PACs can satisfy Montana filing obligations by filing copies of their federal statement of organization and, for any period in which a Montana
    contribution is made, their FEC report of receipts and expenditures.


Regular PAC

Statewide Official: $340 per election

Legislative Official: To a candidate for State Senate: $2,850. To a candidate for State House: $1,750

Local Candidate: $180 per election

PAC: n/a

Political Party: n/a