Firestop and Smokeseal

LMCT in the Fire Safety Industry

Firestopping Saves Live and Property

Properly installed firestopping saves lives and can prevent property damage. Over the years, properly installed firestopping has been proven to contain fire and smoke, which gives building occupants time to evacuate a structure after a fire occurs.

When a fire breaks out in a compartmentalized structure, firestopping helps keep the smoke and fire from spreading outside of a certain area. However, if the firestopping material is not properly installed, a fire can spread throughout a building, endangering the lives of everyone inside the structure.

Trust the Mechanical Insulation LMCT Firestop contractors to deliver quality project management, superior value and a project installed using the proper firestop and smoke systems for building integrity and occupancy safety.

Additionally, the LMCT can provide firestopping training to architects, fire marshals, code inspectors or any other interested organizations to help save lives and property.

Why use Firestopping?

Most fire and building codes require firestopping.

Properly installed firestop systems are imperative to safe, compartmentalized buildings, while improperly installed systems can leave building occupants with a false sense of security.


Quality Contractors

Mechanical Insulation LMCT firestop contractors save lives and protect buildings by installing firestop systems properly. It is imperative a proper system be used for all fire and smoke rated assemblies. By choosing a single source firestopping installer, a building owner can limit potential liability.



We furnish firestop technicians with industry-leading instruction to safely perform high quality installation of firestop systems. Our workforce understands the complex requirements of building compartmentalization and the use of tested systems to achieve building safety. This training allows our contractors to install firestop systems correctly, the first time, every time.


Inspector Training

It is possible to offer building inspector education (with potential CEU’s) to ensure local building inspectors understand firestop systems and know what to look for when viewing fire and smoke rated assemblies. Instruction class attendees learn how to identify and find tested systems within the volumes of information available. Contact the LMCT for more information or to schedule a training session.


Code Compliance

Our contractor members are educated on building and fire codes. We offer NFPA certified inspectors, should you wish to have an independent third party inspection of your facility.


Safety, Safety, Safety

Passive firestop compartmentalization is the key to building safety. Various compartments of buildings are rendered safe by firestops, which help to insure building occupants will have time to vacate in case of smoke or fire.

Contact one of our expert signatory contractors to work on your firestop and smokeseal project.