Women in the Industry

Making A Substantial Impact On The Insulation Industry

Both the Insulators Unions and their signatory contractors are proud to boast an increasing number of women in their ranks.

The Mechanical Insulators LMCT strongly urges and supports efforts to grow the number of female insulators and business owners.

The insulation industry is proud to provide equal opportunities to all women - regardless of race, age or ethnicity.

We want to put to rest the untruthful and negative stereotype that construction is a man’s industry. Simply stated, this is not true. Women can and have had successful careers in the construction industry - especially within the insulation industry.

For instance, Gina Walsh, who serves as LMCT Deputy Director, worked as an Insulator out of St. Louis, Local 1, where she rose through the ranks. Eventually, she became head of the Missouri State Building Trades and then then successfully ran for public office. Her final elected term as Missouri State Senator ends in 2020.

Across the United States and Canada, women are making a substantial impact on the insulation industry.

Initiatives, such as NABTU’s Trade Women Build Nations Conference, serve as a great outreach tool to not only promote the industry to women, but to also help women already in the industry.

For instance, during the Trade Women Build Nations Conference, women from the construction industry gather together for one weekend to learn about the importance of empowerment and to also learn how to promote women in the building trades. This annual event started in California and has increased to encompass US and Canadian women and includes speakers and workshops geared to help women be successful and advance in the industry.

If you are a woman and interested in joining the workforce of the Mechanical Insulation industry, you can start your successful career today!

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