Local 6 hosts first Firestopping Market Recovery class of 2023

Mechanical Insulators LMCT | AWF Union Podcast | Local 6 hosts first Firestopping Market Recovery class of 2023

Pete Ielmini, Executive Director of the Mechanical Insulators Labor Management Cooperative Trust, made his monthly appearance on the America's Work Force Union Podcast and talked about the LMCT’s first Firestop Market Recovery Program held in 2023.

On the March 23 podcast, Ielmini told AWF host Ed "Flash" Ferenc that the LMCT is offering the FMRP to all Insulator Union affiliated Local Unions and their signatory contractors who desire to either enter or gain new marketshare in this lucrative field. 

Boston hosted year's first FMRP

With several classes already scheduled for 2023, Local 6 Boston was the first Local to host the Firestop Market Recovery Program. Unlike past classes, this one was also attended by fellow union leaders within the Insulators Union’s New York/New England States Conference. 

The point of the FMRP is to encourage both the Local Union and its signatory contractors to work together to increase the union market share when it comes to firestop-related work. In order to capture market share, both sides must work together to identify how best to help each other out and gain control of the market.

Educating Union leaders and contractors about firestopping

Tom Dake, Sr. and Tom Dake, Jr., from Superior Insulation, teach the class. They explained how this market could be highly profitable and how it can help replace lost hours, as coal-fired power plants and nuclear plants are being shuttered throughout the U.S. The Dakes discussed their journey into the firestop sector 15 years ago and how they positioned themselves to become one of the top firesetop contractors in the nation. 

As part of the course, they spoke about how to start going after the work. They explained how to bid and estimate a firestop project correctly and gave the contractors a piece of mind about the legal and liability issues. When a job is performed correctly by workers with the proper training, the job is no more of a liability than any other type of construction job.

One of the reasons this class is beneficial for both signatory contractors and Local Union leaders alike is they have honest conversations about the need and availability of Mechanical Insulators trained in firestopping. 

It is the responsibility of the Local Union to provide a highly skilled and highly trained workforce so the signatory contractors can confidently bid on these. It is the goal of the Firestop Market Recovery Program to help facilitate the conversations between Local Union leaders and their signatory contractors about this issue.

New contractor class coming Summer 2023

Ielmini also touched upon another LMCT initiative that will likely debut this summer. He wants to educate current members of the Insulators Union on how to start their own contractor businesses and become signatory with their Local. 

The goal is to give current Union Brothers and Sisters the confidence to start their own business, be their bosses and employ more HFIAW Brothers and Sisters. Increasing contractors increases the likelihood of more jobs on which Insulator Union members can work.

Listen to the entire episode: 


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