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Jim Petrides

LMCT hosts HUD leaders at HFIAW Local 24

The Mechanical Insulators LMCT hosted leaders from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) at the Insulators Local 24 Union Hall/Training Center to discuss Mechanical Insulation and Firestop technologies and how they could benefit HUD.

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How is a Mechanical Insulation Energy Audit performed?

James Petrides, CEM, CEA, CTII, CIEA, Mechanical Insulators LMCT Senior Mechanical Insulation Specialist, appeared on the America’s Work Force Union Podcast and addressed one of the more significant issues facing the Mechanical Insulation industry -- it is still relatively unknown. He also gave an overview of how Mechanical Insulation Energy Audits are performed.

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Our signatory contractors uphold a high standard of quality of work and pay for their employers to receive industry-leading instruction through a Department of Labor registered apprenticeship program. Discover the difference of trusting an LMCT contractor for your next project.

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The LMCT partners with the Insulators Union throughout the U.S. and Canada performing high quality work in the following industries:

Mechanical insulation, maintenance and new construction, industrial high temperature, pads and blankets, storage tanks and vessels, boilers, chillers, metal cladding/weather barriers, commercial heating and cooling, HVAC systems, vapor retarders and barriers, asbestos abatement, firestop and smokeseal, nuclear specialized applications, mechanical insulation evaluations, CUI programs, specialized insulations, highly trained workforce and safety trained to current standards.

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