How is a Mechanical Insulation Energy Audit performed?

Mechanical Insulators LMCT | America's Work Force Union Podcast | How Is A Mechanical Insulation Energy Audit Performed?

James Petrides, CEM, CEA, CTII, CIEA, Mechanical Insulators LMCT Senior Mechanical Insulation Specialist, appeared on the America’s Work Force Union Podcast and addressed one of the more significant issues facing the Mechanical Insulation industry -- it is still relatively unknown. He also gave an overview of how Mechanical Insulation Energy Audits are performed.

Petrides’ background

Petrides was a union Insulator who started off on the tools, then worked as a forman and spent time as a Training Coordinator. He also served in every union position with the exception of Business Manager. He took courses at the National Labor College and earned two degrees -- one in Safety and Environmental Health and the other in Education. Petrides then earned a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Baltimore. 

Upon earning his Masters, he was hired by a Mechanical Insulation contractor to work on the management side and advanced through the company, eventually reaching the level of President. Within the past year, he joined the LMCT to help advance the industry through his vast experiences.

For most people, Mechanical Insulation is relatively unknown

Petrides acknowledged that most people confuse Mechanical Insulation with the pink stuff found inside the walls of your home. He explained what mechanical insulation is and the important role it plays in making buildings and mechanical systems more energy-efficient. 

Since the trade is not well known, many people are not aware of the significant savings Mechanical Insulation offers, Petrides said. When building owners and other decision-makers are looking to save money on a construction project, Mechanical Insulation is often the first item cut because they do not understand its benefits. 

This lack of knowledge, Petrides believes, is due to insufficient marketing of the mechanical insulation industry. A lack of awareness is hindering the industry as potential customers do not truly understand the true value of Mechanical Insulation. For instance, properly installed Mechanical Insulation can save roughly 16 times more energy than replacing all incandescent light bulbs in a building with LEDs, he noted. 

The LMCT is trying to market the value of Mechanical Insulation to trade schools and individuals in the workforce. This is in addition to supporting state and federal legislation to promote its use, he said.

What is a Mechanical Insulation Energy Audit?

Petrides then discussed what a Mechanical Insulation Energy Audit is and how it helps create jobs for members of the Insulators Union. 

An individual who is properly trained to conduct the audit will use a thermal imaging camera to measure the impact of missing, damaged or insufficient Mechanical Insulation throughout a building. The thermal imaging will not only show heat loss, but it will generate data that can quantify the energy loss and related costs. It will also calculate future savings if Mechanical Insulation is properly applied to the pipes and mechanical system. 

Petrides encouraged anyone who desires to have a Mechanical Insulation Energy Audit performed on their system to contact him through the LMCT website

Listen to the entire interview to learn more about the benefits of a Mechanical Insulation and a Mechanical Insulation Energy Audit.



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